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We are thinking of the Beaverton and Portland, Oregon communities and the effects COVID-19. We hope to aid the community as much as possible to help the public band together to get through this time.

Welcome to A Loving Touch Senior Care!

Reliable senior service registry serving Portland & Beaverton, OR

A Loving Touch Senior Care is not a franchise. We are a privately and locally owned registry operated by Judith Stevens. She has been in the business 30+ years.

We provide our clients in Beaverton and Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas with the highest quality of senior services, which includes personalized elder care, meeting the needs of both family and client. Our goal is to help your loved one(s) live at home, as long as possible, and to maintain as much independence as they can.
Our senior services include wound care, medication management, oxygen use, hospice supporting care, and much more!

Professional, Well Trained Caregivers

Professional, Well Trained Caregivers

Experienced, mature and well-trained caregivers providing a wide range of senior services as needed.

One caregiver per client who will remain with that client for as long as needed.

Respect and Dignity

Respect and Dignity

We value the well-being and dignity of our clients.

We want your respect when you are receiving our elder care personal services.

 Affordable, Quality Senior Care

Affordable, Quality Senior Care

We will meet you and your family at your home at no charge to design plan that is affordable for you.

Our rates are among the lowest in Portland & Beaverton, OR.

Benefits of Using a Registry vs. an Agency


  • A registry has a larger staff of independent domestics, allowing clients many more options and flexibility in choosing their caregivers.
  • A registry will not change a client's caregiver unless requested to do so by the client or caregiver.
  • A registry matches independent domestics to clients, giving both parties the option of accepting or rejecting the referral prior to the first day of caregiving services.
  • Registry independent domestics are highly motivated to provide high-quality elder care to their clients because they are dependent on their good reputation in order to continue in business.
  • All caregivers are fully trained in the field of senior care.


  • An agency hires caregivers as employees and may have no option but to leave the client without care when no caregiver employees are available.
  • The agency may reassign caregivers without consulting with either the caregiver or the client.
  • An agency assigns an available caregiver to the client without prior approval from the client. If the client is not satisfied with the caregiver, the agency may or may not (at its own discretion) assign another caregiver as one is available.
  • Agency caregivers are protected under state and federal employment laws so their job security is not necessarily dependent on the quality of care they provide.
  • Caregivers are usually paid minimum wage and this could be a risk to the client.

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A Loving Touch in Senior Care LLC BBB Business ReviewA Loving Touch in Senior Care LLC BBB Business Review


"I am happy to say that we were fortunate to connect with Judith Stevens when we needed someone for my grandmother Crystal Dawn Rilee. Judith showed an extraordinary caring for her and not only helped us with the daily care..." - E. Rhode

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Caregiving Advice

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