What makes A Loving Touch Senior Care Services different from other companies?

We are locally and privately owned.
We are not a franchise.
More personal attention
Our caregivers are skilled and trained in senior care with certificates in their files.

Why should I choose A Loving Touch Senior Care over a nursing home or assisted living facility?

Our goal at A Loving Touch Senior Care is to make it possible for you or your loved one to remain living at home. Statistics prove that living at home increases the life span. We offer one on one care as opposed to a facility where the caregiver (aids) care for from 8-10 people at a time.

Can I choose the caregiver?

Of course you can. You are in charge. We will interview you and send out the caregiver we feel would be best for your situation. However, if you are not satisfied with our choice we'd be happy to send out others.

What kind of service do you provide?

We provide medical and non-medical health care assistance that allows the client to live with dignity and comfort. Our caregivers assist clients with their daily living needs, such as grooming, dressing, companionship, transportation, medication management, etc.

Our services extend to nursing homes, assisted living facilities or wherever the client calls home.

What does "aging in place" mean?

Our caregivers are available for either short term or long term care, 24 hours a day seven days a week. Relief positions are available for a minimum of three hours.

Do you provide service in assisted living facilities?

Yes! We provide health care assistance wherever the client calls home. Sometimes the client just wants some companionship or good conversation.

What is the cost of caregivers?

We like to personally schedule a personal meeting with the client to provide a program especially designed for your unique needs. Cost is determined at that time. The advantage with in-home caregivers is that the senior is able to live at home in familiar surroundings.