Welcome! We wish to thank you for considering registering with us. We are always looking for skilled, experienced caregivers or trainees. Our agency covers the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver and Salem. As a caregiver you will work one on one with our senior clients in their home or wherever it is that they call home. This would include assisted living, retirement facilities and hospice. Many of our senior clients have medical conditions and need tender loving care from a professional.

Caregivers enjoy these benefits:

  1. High end compensation (as determined between client and caregiver) is generally from $14 -$20 per hour for eight hour shifts. Short shifts can range from $15-$22 per hour. 24 hr. shifts are between $200-$360 per shift depending on how active the nights are.
  2. Caregivers are paid directly by the client. Caregivers are independent domestics unless hired by the client as an employee. Working requirements are discussed directly between caregiver and client.
  3. Flexibility in hours
  4. Independence of private in home care.

Please complete the below application if you feel you are qualified in the caregiving field.