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Publication Date:2007

ISBN: 978-0-595-44788-6 (pbk)

ISBN: 978-0-595-89107-8 (ebk)

Pages: 122

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About the Author

About the Author

JUDITH STEVENS is a home health care professional. She is the owner and operator of A Loving Touch Senior Care: a caregiver placement Registry based in Portland, OR. She has owned and operated a licensed foster care home for the elderly and has worked as a caregiver for over 20 years, both in the group home setting and for the last 10+ years in individual homes. Besides working and raising a family, she has attended many classes pertaining to the care of the elderly. She loves what she's doing and wants to improve the quality of caregiving for seniors.

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Chapter 2: Deciding on Loving Arrangements

"Our homes were designed, for the most part, for the
younger generation - for raising children and entertaining. Most were not designed for the special needs of advanced age and illness. The question arises for most seniors: Should they stay and live at home where they are comfortable? Or should they move in with family, or to an assisted living facility or nursing home?" ... ... These questions and more are answered.

Chapter 3: Living Safely at Home

"Seniors who have lived in a home for a long time don't seem to see the dangers lurking around them. A great many seniors end up in hospitals because home safety was not seen as a priority."

  1. Fire Prevention
  2. Kitchen Safety
  3. Children and Grandchildren Safety Issues

These and many more issues are discussed and tips on making the home safe are included

Chapter 6: Personal Care and Grooming

"The subject of grooming is packed with emotions. Long-established habits can interfere with the proper care on an individual at an advanced age. But the importance of personal grooming cannot be ignored." Know the basics for daily hygiene and safety.

Chapter 8: Medication Management

"Medication management could be described as a caregiver's most important task. Understanding what the medication is for, and other dos and don'ts. Valuable tips and thoughts on setting yourself up for success.

MUCH, MUCH more ... ... easy reading with humorous stories


"This book provides a reliable, correct, and up-to-date summary by an experienced caregiver for seniors. Judith Stevens is a true expert. I strongly recommend this book to seniors, their families and caregivers."

- Stanley W Jacob, MD, FACS
Department of Surgery
Oregon Health and Sciences University

"I found this book addresses the everyday issues confronting families and feel that it is needed information and has practical application."

- Francis Barnum
Owner-Aunte Faye Care Agency
Portland, Oregon

"The book is an insightful easy to read on a very important topic involving the elderly. I found this book very interesting and delightful and wish all families who are caring for a senior had this information at hand."

- Kimberly Millar LPN